My Best Tips For A Beautiful Skin

Can you remember who first taught you about looking after your skin? For some of us, it was our mum, grandmother, sister or auntie. For others, we learned about skincare by reading magazines, blogs, or watching ads or TV. Sometimes we get good advice from family and friends, and other times we read blogs or watch television ads sponsored by cosmetic companies selling their products. But how do we know what is really good for our skin and not just some marketing campaign selling products? 

Tip #1 - Get Expert Advice

Let me ask you this: if your car needs a maintenance service, you will go see a mechanic. If your teeth need checking and cleaning, you will see a dentist. If your skin needs deep cleansing and maintenance, you will see an esthetician. 

When you want to know how to best look after your skin, talk to the skin expert! We, as estheticians, have extensive training in skincare and know how to deal with different skin types and conditions. It is our life, our passion, our purpose of helping people with their skin. 

Tip #2 - Use Quality Skin Care

It can be really confusing with all the skincare brands and products out in the market. Always use the best quality products you can afford. Luxury products, however, are not necessarily better. They may look great in your bathroom and make you feel special, which is totally fine. We all like to spoil ourselves from time to time. But if you are after results, use what the professionals use. 

Every expert in their field will use the tools they need to accomplish the best results. In aesthetics, we use professional-strength skincare for best results. If we don't deliver results, clients won't return, so we need to use products that work! 

Quality professional skincare is formulated to address skin concerns with active ingredients, in just the right concentrations, with sound delivery systems to ensure results. This is why estheticians like me carry professional-strength skincare lines to follow up on professional treatments and maintain the results. We use these products in our treatments and recommend you continue to use the products at home to improve outcomes. For us, it's all about the results. 

Tip #3 - Start as Soon as You Can, It's Never Too Late to Start

When we are young, full of life, busy building our careers, starting a family, or building our first home, we don't pay as much attention to our skin, it is not a priority. Then suddenly 10 years later, we look in the mirror, we see the first wrinkles, and sun damage on our skin. 

If you were lucky and were taught from the start about how to look after your skin, your skin will still be looking lovely, bright, and youthful while your friends wonder what your secret is. The secret is, start early. Prevention is better than cure. For those not so lucky, the good news is, it's never too late to start looking after your skin. With today's technological advancements in skin care products and treatments, we can go a long way to improve your skin and have it looking its best. 

So, if you have a daughter, a granddaughter, a niece or a young friend, the best gift you can give them is an appointment with me to teach them from the start of how to look after their skin that will serve them well into the future. 


Liliana Burtch