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VoxxLife Event

  • Lili's Esthetics Studio 3 Dundas Street E Napanee Canada (map)

Saturday Feb 9th at 10 clock

Learn about Neuro Technology that helps relieve foot pain by 90%. Increases balance by 31 %. Helps with flight and fight.  Relieves Plantar Fasciitis pain, and diabetic neuropathy. 

User sees improvements in Balance, Stability, Power, Stamina, Reaction Time Pain Relief, Energy, Recovery Time and Posture.

Also we have been successful giving increased balance to people living with MS and other conditions or aliments.  

This is the most significant discovery by a Canadian wellness company that makes a Neuro-wearable technology that helps with pain management. Improves balance and calms mid-brain putting brain in homeostasis and balance in 7 seconds. Helps reduce anxiety.