Why Oncology Esthetics for cancer patients?

There's a new movement of spas who have recognized the particular needs of cancer patients and want to help these patients manage their cancer, their symptoms, and skin conditions and reactions...safely.

A new, cutting-edge specialty in the spa industry, called Oncology Esthetics, is an advanced training in which certified practitioners can incorporate specific spa treatment modifications, and complement medical oncology. This specialty falls into the integrative mind, body & spirit approach.

Oncology Esthetics is an expanded practice of spa services and incorporates the specific need of patients with or recovering from cancer, including skin dryness & sensitivities, swelling, nausea, fatigue, anxiety, and stress.

Lili is the only certified Oncology Esthetician in the Napanee area and has advanced levels of training in cancer, cancer treatments, and its side effects and has also been trained to address the changing skin and body concerns of cancer patients during their treatments and into their recovery.

Oncology esthetic guests need modifications during their spa treatments for...

Ingredient sensitivity to products because cancer-fighting drugs change your sense of taste/smell as well as cause the skin to become irritated and intolerant to previously used skin care products.

Lymphatic Drainage to properly remove fluid build-up, particularly if lymph nodes were removed, rather than traditional massage which is too deep for cancer patients.

Body temperature & room heat because a patient's body temperature can difficult to keep warm & comfortable due to medications and their side effects.

Exfoliating without harsh scrubs or peels because the skin will be thin and sensitized and require a more gentle approach to skincare.

Lili's promise to her oncology clients is to ensure spa treatments are 100% customization for their current medical condition and to take into consideration the physical and emotional health & wellness challenges her guests will face during their treatment and into recovery.

The Oncology Facial

This calming and soothing facial treatment utilizes a holistic approach to wellness and healing for oncology patients. Everything we do while you're in my care focuses on being gentle with your skin, senses and well being to help you cope with the effects of a cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Here's what you can expect from an Oncology Facial...

A gentle & hydrating skin treatment, because your skin is dry & irritated from the effects of your oncology therapies and your skin shouldn't be exposed to aggressive or corrective skin care products.

A highly trained oncology esthetician who's able to customize your facial because each oncology patient will have slightly different concerns to take into consideration. You need a trustworthy skincare expert as part of your "healing team."

A low-scent environment because your sense of smell is heightened, which can add to any nausea you may already be feeling.

Soft linens and a warm bed because your whole body is sensitive to textures and temperature right now.

If you'd like to discuss your current health conditions with Lili to make sure the Oncology Facial is right for you, you're warmly encouraged to contact her here.613.331.4430